What Are Railway Sleeper Used For?

What Are Railway Sleepers Used For? Railway sleepers, Garden sleepers or even Landscape timber – you might have heard them called any of these names but what are they and what are they most commonly used for?

Railway Sleepers

Traditionally railway sleepers were used to lay railway tracks on, these large rectangular sawn pieces of timber are now commonly used in a variety of landscaping and gardening projects, such as raised beds, lawn and border edging, steps, pathways and retaining walls.

New railway sleepers are the top choice for garden projects due to there versatility. They are perfect for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as gardens, raised flowerbeds and playgrounds, offering a ‘clean’ finish and smooth lines look fantastic.

New railway sleepers are commonly made from Softwood and treated or Tanalised with preservative to extend longevity. Charred, brushed and high-pressure treated new sleepers have exposed grain and retain that rustic look if buying new is your preference.

In general, treated Softwood sleepers should last up to 10 – 15 years depending on the environment they are used in.

Common Uses Of Railway Sleepers

The use of sleepers in the garden are endless and only limited by your imagination but below are the main areas of use:

  • Garden Paths – Use railway sleepers define the edges of your garden path. Or use them as stepping “stones” to create a stable pathway across the garden. Mix in some pebbles for a really unique, rural look
  • Raised Flower Beds – Add controlled areas to your garden using sleepers to create raised flower beds. Mixing old and new sleepers to create some interesting colours and lines in your garden design
  • Retaining Walls – A retaining wall made from either vertical or horizontal wooden sleepers can terrace your garden, fence off a BBQ or pool area, and can level out a sloping garden
  • Steps – Whether it’s a few simple steps or a whole flight of stairs, new or used railway sleepers can provide a unique solution
  • Decking & Patios – Railway sleepers can be used as an innovative alternative to traditional decking boards, creating a relaxing, rustic-looking patio area
  • Water Features – sleepers can be put to great effect making eye-catching water features in the garden
  • Garden Tables & Furniture – Railway sleepers can be utilised to make a simple table and matching benches. Three sleepers cut in half can create a table, as the wood that has been cut off makes the legs. Benches can be made from one sleeper each

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