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CMR Timber LTD was established in October 2022 by Carl Toulson and Richard Burgon, who had some prior industry knowledge. Their vision was to create a family-run timber merchant that also engaged in manufacturing products and direct supply to the public.

During the planning phase, it was clear that the business aimed to support British companies in the forestry and machining sectors while maintaining a consistent source from FSC Forest management-supportive companies.

FSC-certified refers to forests managed in a manner that preserves biodiversity, benefits local communities and workers, and ensures economic sustainability. FSC-certified forests adhere to strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

As a family business, our primary goal is to deliver top-quality timber products directly to the public at trade prices.

About our Team

Richard and Carl, the owners and directors, are actively involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, including loading vehicles and taking orders. They prefer to stay connected and hands-on.

The Team:

Carl (Owner):

With significant involvement in the construction industry, Carl has extensive experience in property development in and around Yorkshire, collaborating with various development companies.

Richard (Owner):

With years of experience in the timber industry, Richard was eager to join Carl’s idea of establishing a family-run timber merchant in the Leeds area. Richard now co-manages the business with Carl on a daily basis. Additionally, he shares a close friendship and family connection with Carl.

Ray (Transport):

Ray has been part of the company from its inception and is also the uncle of Carl. He consistently strives to ensure smooth and efficient deliveries, going above and beyond to get the job done.

Besides serving the general public, CMR Timber LTD has established strong relationships with several landscaping companies. They are known for offering a helping hand when needed and have built lasting friendships with many of their landscaping industry customers.

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